Managed Firewall Services

All clients have a managed firewall that is customized to their specific needs by trained staff.

ASA’s firewall configuration/review service assists organizations with the task of managing and maintaining their firewall infrastructure. Utilizing our team of trained and experienced firewall engineers, ASA’s staff provides industry best practices to ensure your network(s) have the appropriate configurations for your organization’s needs.

Our staff understand that networks change as new vulnerabilities emerge. Our staff can support your network by performing periodic reviews of existing configurations ingrained in our firewall security strategy.

ASA provides next generation Palo Alto firewalls to K-12 school systems that are part of the Alabama Research and Education Network (AREN). ASA provides a device to the client and the firewall is configured to each client’s security requirements. This provides clients with control of network access to client hosts (servers and computers).

For information on content filtering for K-12 school systems, libraries, community colleges, and universities, please click here.

Managed Firewall Image