ASA Staff

Portrait of Debra Wallace, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer, Debra Wallace

Portrait of Crystal Maylin, Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer, Crystal Maylin

Portrait of Rick Bagwell, Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer, Rick Bagwell

Michael Frazier, Facilities Director

Building Manager, Michael Frazier

Portrait of Client Services Director, Nichole Gipson

Client Services Director, Nichole Gipson

Photo of Sawyer Knowles, Governmental Affairs Director

Governmental Affairs Director, Sawyer Knowles

Portrait of Barbara Lewis, Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant, Barbara Lewis

Photo of Liz Burgess, Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager, Liz Burgess

Portrait of Staff Accountant, Tyler Carr

Senior Accountant, Tyler Carr

Photo of Beth Edwards, Communications Specialist

Communications Specialist, Beth Edwards

Photo of Linda Lupian, Financial Specialist

Financial Specialist, Linda Lupian

Photo of Kerri Butler, Client Services Specialist

Client Services Specialist, Kerri Butler

Photo of Andrew McClure, Technical Outreach Specialist

Technical Outreach Specialist, Andrew McClure