An HPC system (a.k.a. supercomputer) is a very large computer system that has more memory, disk space, and processing capacity than any single desktop computer could accommodate.  Often an HPC system is a cluster, essentially a number of computers on a network with software designed to use multiple computers as one large computer.

As the cornerstone service of ASA's charter, we provide High Performance Computing (HPC) services free of charge to faculty, staff, and enrolled students of public schools, colleges, and universities in Alabama. This allows universities to create a trained workforce with the skills needed for jobs in engineering, science, mathematics, aerospace, and medical research fields.

For others outside of education that are interested in using our HPC resources, access to the HPC systems can be purchased at rates that are competitive with other well-supported HPC facilities. 

If you would like to inquire about how ASA can help meet your high performance computing needs, please Contact Us.

More information about the services that ASA offers can be found in our Service Catalog.