Unlike PC's, these platforms are not designed for interactive work. Therefore, jobs that need running are submitted to a batch system for processing. The system handles multiple requests and schedules each job based on which batch queue was requested. To see a list of available queues, type qlimits at the prompt.

  1. To utilize the batch system, contact the analyst for help at hpc@asc.edu.

  2. If you are using an application package, run scripts are available which automatically submit your job for you. These are usually located in /apps/scripts. All you do is run the script and answer the questions.

  3. If you are compiling your own code, the analyst has scripts designed to compile, execute and scp your code anywhere you desire.

  4. If you feel comfortable using Unix scripts, prepare a simple script that runs your executable and submit it to the appropriate queue with the run_script command as follows

    run_script <scriptname>