Network Services

  Service Name Service Description Prerequisite Service
1.0.0 Managed Internet Access High speed, dedicated, symmetric, Internet Protocol (IP) based access to the Internet with bandwidth capability in specific increments from 10Mbps to 10Gbps  None
        1.1.0         Content Filtering Ability to block web content that may be considered inappropriate and/or necessary to meet regulatory requirements such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Managed Internet Access
        1.2.0         Managed E-Mail Web accessible, open source email platform Managed Internet Access
            1.2.1              Spam and Virus Protection Antivirus and spam filtering for E-Mail service Managed Internet Access
        1.3.0         Managed Firewall Provide ASA clients with a firewall configured to their security requirements to provide control of network access to client hosts (servers and computers). Managed Internet Access
            1.3.1              Web Application Firewall Application authentication and protection from specific security vulnerabilities Managed Firewall
            1.3.2              Remote VPN Allows remote, off-network access to a client’s network resources (applications, files, etc.) Managed Firewall
            1.3.3              Managed VPN Allows Managed Firewall Service clients to provide a secure connection to another client's network. Managed Firewall
        1.4.0         Video Conferencing H.323 and SIP-based bridging and recording to support the State of Alabama ACCESS Distance Learning program ( and other client video conferencing sessions. Managed Internet Access
2.0.0 Managed WAN Provides Internet Protocol (IP) based connection between two client locations Managed Internet Access
3.0.0 Managed Colocation ASA provided locked cabinet (48U) with A+B power distribution units (PDU) located at Alabama Supercomputer Center (ASC) in Huntsville, AL Managed Internet Access
4.0.0 Managed Server ASA provided server built to client specifications located at ASC in Huntsville, AL Managed Internet Access
5.0.0 Security Vulnerability Scanning ASA will perform internal and external credentialed and non-credentialed vulnerability scans on client systems using enterprise scanning tools. Managed Internet Access

 High Performance Computing

  Service Name Service Description Prerequisite Service
6.0.0 High Performance Computing (HPC) Use of two high performance computing platforms and associated temporary storage.  Choice of platform is determined by HPC queuing system used to submit client programs for available HPC software.   None

 Application Development

  Service Name Service Description Prerequisite Service
7.0.0 Web Application Development Design, development, and project management for web applications None