All user accounts on the DMC have disk quotas, which determine how much information can be stored in the home directory and it's subdirectories. By default, this quota is 20 GB. Users can see their disk quota by typing "quota" or "usage".

Please note that it has always been the policy that disk space on the supercomputers is for work in progress, not permanent backup or archival. Completed work should be transferred to a campus facility for permanent storage.

While a calculation is in progress, the /scratch file system provides a large amount of temporary disk space. The amount of space that can be used on /scratch is limited by the choice of job queue. To see the queue disk limits, type "qlimits". Any files created on /scratch must be removed within one week after the calculation completes. Files left on /scratch more than a week are automatically deleted.

If the nature of your work is such that you must have a larger home directory quota, you can request a larger quota. Users can request up to 1 TB quotas at no charge. Send an email with your request and a brief justification to the HPC technical support staff at

For quotas over 1 TB, please contact us to obtain a quote to purchase additional resources. To obtain a formal written quote for disk space, contact Nichole Gipson, ASA Client Services Assistant and E-rate Coordinator, at or 334-242-0175.