Policy: ASAP08 - R6
Title: Establishing an ASA HPC User Account
Date: 05/01/94: Revised 04/21/2005
Distribution: ASA HPC Clients

A. OVERVIEW.This policy describes how accounts are established for High Performance Computation clients.

Parties interested in establishing accounts should contact the ASA HPC Computational Specialist by email hpc@asc.edu or telephone (256-971-7434).


The Alabama Supercomputer Authority has four (4) categories of accounts:

  • Academic/Education - Accounts allocated to state academic education without charge
  • Academic/Fee-based - A state academic researcher working off a grant which pays for HPC use (sponsored research), state academic researcher working on an Industrial/Government sponsored project, or a private institution researcher are charged a fee for using ASA HPC resources.
  • Collaborative Client - A state researcher who has entered into an agreement with ASA to provide and utilize resources to be located at ASC.
  • Commercial - Paid use from Industry or Government Agency. Charges for these account categories are outlined in policy ASAP04 and current rates are displayed on ASA's website www.asc.edu.


Potential clients should contact the ASA HPC Computational Specialist hpc@asc.edu or ASA directly information@asc.edu in order to initiate a "Request for Services Contract".


Accounts will expire one year from when the account was established or last renewed. Accounts will be reactivated as soon as new account requests are received and approved by ASA. Users with queued jobs that will run past this deadline can complete the ASA HPC Grant Request form up to one week prior to the account expiration date. Other users will be required to complete this form after the expiration date. The form can be completed online at www.asc.edu/hpc/ASA-HPC-Annual-Grant-Request-Form .

Accounts may be closed at anytime based on a request from an academic or a commercial account representative prior to expiration. When an account expires, the account is deleted from all platforms. Files are held for 30 days and then deleted unless a special request is made in writing prior to the expiration date.


Initial passwords are assigned by the Account Administrator at ASC. Users may set their own password.

Clients who have lost passwords, or suspected security breeches, should contact the ASA HPC Computational Specialist hpc@asc.edu or 256-971-7434 as soon as possible.