Title: Access to the George C. Wallace Supercomputer Center
DATE: 05/01/94:Revised 3/24/05
Distribution: ASA Staff, Contractor Personnel, and ASA Clients


This policy defines the procedure governing physical access to the George C. Wallace Supercomputer Center (GCWSC).


Access to the GCWSC is electronically controlled 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. Electronic "keys" are be assigned to necessary and essential personnel based on a category system (see below). Each key is electronically encoded for facility access and tracking purposes. The ASA facilities manager is responsible for the issuance and accounting for all keys. The ASA facilities manager is also responsible for maintaining the electronic access control and camera system.


The access list for GCWSC is structured into three sections or categories:

1.Category 1 - Permanent Staff

  • Category 1 is defined as Permanent staff: ASA staff personnel and ASA's contractor personnel permanently assigned to the GCWSC. Assignments to this list will be directed by the ASA CEO and COO and controlled by the ASA facilities manager.

    Permanent staff will have unrestricted access to the facility Monday through Friday during business hours. Access after close of business on weekdays and on weekends will require signing in and out on the visitor log located in the front lobby desk. Signing the visitor log is not required between the hours of 0700 to 1700 on weekdays.

    Internal access to individual offices will be controlled through mechanical key assignments determined by ASA and ASA contractor management. The ASA facilities manager will assign and account for mechanical keys.

    Category 1 personnel are authorized to escort guests.

    Category 1 personnel should make every effort to inform their management and operations helpdesk personnel in advance of guest arrivals.

2.Category 2 - Approved on-site Users

  • Category 2 is defined as on-site or contract users who may be assigned space at GCWSC. Category 2 users must be approved by ASA and assigned space at GCWSC. Application for office or computer room space consists of correspondence to ASA management indicating purpose and duration of requirement. Category 2 users will be required to sign the visitors log at all times. Personal identification may be requested. Movement within the facility is limited to the assigned office and public areas on the first floor.

    These users are not authorized to escort guests.

3. Category 3 - Other building visitors


  • a. Emergency Personnel

    Emergency personnel shall have all rights of access necessary to perform their duties. If required, network operations personnel or the ASA facilities manager will escort or arrange escort in compliance with emergency procedures.

    b. Tours and Training Sessions

  • Tours of the facility and training sessions shall be scheduled in advance with ASA. ASA will be advised of time, group identity, and expected size in advance. These visitors shall not have access to contractor offices or the ASA offices. Tours of the computer room must be scheduled in advance and approved by ASA and ASA's contractor management. Groups must be escorted by Category 1 staff at all times in areas other than the public areas in the front of the first floor.

c. Vendors and Maintenance Personnel

All vendor support personnel, building support personnel and maintenance personnel, must sign the visitor log and be escorted or confirmed by Category 1 personnel.

    All other visitors to the GCWSC will be required to sign the visitor log. They must be announced to their point of contact who will then give operations personnel verbal acceptance and instructions.

    Only Category 1 management may grant exceptions to this procedure; such exceptions are to be documented in the visitor log and acknowledged by the member of management granting the exception and initialing the entry.


    Office assignment will be the responsibility of the ASA CEO. A copy of the approved space application indicating room number and length of stay will be provided to ASA. The ASA facilities manager is responsible for providing access to the assigned office space and whatever communications they might need.