Policy: ASAP13 - R2
Title: ASA Configuration Change Request
Date: 01/01/94:Revised 4/18/2005
Distribution: ASA Staff


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the ASA Configuration Change Request (CCR). The purpose of the CCR is to provide a documented procedure to effect changes and enhancements to the services provided by the Alabama Supercomputer Authority by ASA's Professional Services Contractor not covered in the current contract. The requested changes should be submitted and labeled "Configuration Change Request" (CCR).


A CCR can be submitted by ASA or ASA's professional services contractor to the ASA COO. Copies (in electronic form or paper) will be passed around for discussion as necessary.


The ASA COO will then make any additional comments and send it on to the ASA CEO for approval or disapproval. Since the request may mean the expenditure of funds, the responsible party (originator) is not to take any action until given direction/approval by the ASA CEO.