Policy: ASAP04 - R7
Title: HPC Charges for Commercial Clients
Date: 01/01/94:Revised 9/1/2009
Distribution: All ASA Commercial Clients


This policy establishes guidelines for charging for processing on ASA's High performance Computing (HPC) platforms. Currently, ASA maintains two (2) HPC platforms, an SGI 350 and a Dense Memory Cluster system. The method is based upon a cost recovery charge per CPU hour.


  • There is a minimum purchase of 2000 CPU hours upon which an account is established.
  • Current CPU/hour rates are on the ASA web site www.asc.edu under HPC services.
  • CPU hours on each platform are assigned a value. ASA reserves the right to change the dollar value per CPU hour at any time (will not effect current contracts).
  • Jobs that are submitted without a sufficient CPU hour balance will be automatically suspended until additional CPU hours are purchased.
  • Special services will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
  • AREN access charges may or may not apply
  • All HPC contracts expire within one year unless changed by mutual agreement


Clients that request use of software provided by ASA must abide by the software license agreements for those software packages. Most of the software packages have the license terms included in the online documentation.

Most of the software provided by ASA is licensed for academic use. Commercial users or university researchers doing work under contract to commercial firms must contact the Alabama Supercomputer Authority to see if this usage is allowed by the current license.


Additional charges may be incurred if additional disk space is required above the assigned initial space.

Charges for additional consultation may be deemed appropriate when time is expended above and beyond the normal is experienced.

All users are responsible for the safe disposition (backup) of their own program and data files.