Policy: ASAP02 - R7
Title: List of Current Policies
Date: 08/16/95:Revised 9/1/2009
Distribution: ASA Staff, ASA Clients


This policy exists to provide a list of all current ASA policies. This list will be updated on a periodic basis as needed to remain current.


Policy Number
Revision Number
Revision Date
Policy Title
ASAP01 R4 3/8/2005 ASA Policies
ASAP02 R8 4/21/2005 List of Current Policies
ASAP03 R5 3/8/2005 ASA- Hours of Operation
ASAP04 R7 9/1/2009 HPC Charges for Commercial Clients
ASAP05 R8 9/1/2009 HPC Client File Storage
ASAP06 R5 3/24/2005 HPC Proprietary Program Charges
ASAP08 R6 4/21/2005 ASA User Accounts
ASAP13 R2 4/18/2005 Configuration Change Request
ASAP14 R5 3/24/2005 Access to GCWSC
ASAP17 R4 9/1/2009 Requesting Dedicated Time on ASA HPC Platforms
ASAP20 R4 3/15/2005 ASA Acceptable Use Policy
ASAP21 R1 3/9/2005 CIPA Content Filtering Policy
ASAP22 R0 In Process ASA Disaster Recovery