Alabama Supercomputer Authority

The Alabama Supercomputer Authority provides Internet and technology for education and currently has 127 of 128 school systems connected to the Alabama Research and Education Network. Many of these systems use ASA as an Internet provider and receive the additional benefit of content filtering.

Did you know that ASA serves as the technical partner for the Alabama Virtual Library ( and the Alabama Learning Exchange ( Does your school have an idea about how you can use technology for instruction? Do you need a technology partner to help you make that idea a reality? If so, give ASA a call at 1-800-338-8320.

Research and Technology

A new research study indicates that teachers enrolled in a distance learning master's degree program scored higher in areas such as classroom
management and student motivation than did graduates from traditional, on-campus master's degree programs. Source:

SRI International and Palm, Inc. conducted a first-of-a-kind study of the integration of handheld technology in K-12 teaching and learning. The study results are based on 100 classrooms that used handhelds for teaching and learning. The evaluative report draws upon 86 PEP projects that provided data as of January 2002. For more information about the report visit

Education and the Internet

The following resources are provided as examples of classroom instructional resources from the Internet.

Veteran's Day

This year, Veterans' Day is on Monday, November 11, 2002. Eduhound (, the newsletter for educators, provides the following links for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Library of Congress: Veterans History Project

Activities for Veterans Day

Teacher's Guide to Veteran's Day's%20Day.htm

Veteran's Day Resources

Veterans Day from the VA

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)

More than 30 Federal agencies formed a working group in 1997 to make hundreds of federally supported teaching and learning resources easier to find. The result of that work is the FREE website.


There's an old saying that perception is reality -- as humans, we each have a unique perspective to see or perceive things differently than other people. For example, even though scientists strive for accuracy and truth in their research, they are often confronted with counterclaims and alternate viewpoints that point out possible inaccuracies. Reporters, policemen and lawyers are required to consider all angles of a story or event before drawing conclusions about what actually happened. This month, MarcoPolo is featuring lessons and resources to shed light on the problems of bias and perception, because what you think you see is not always what you will get. Click here for more information

The nightly news concerning Iraq has probably prompted a few questions from students and made us aware of how little we know about this country. The following reference sites on Iraq were provided by Judy Shepherd, Alabama Public Library System. These annotations are from The Librarians' Index to the Internet. If you use them make sure you give them credit by using the following: Copyright 2002 by Librarians' Index to the Internet


ZNet: Iraq Watch
A collection of articles covering and analyzing the crisis in Iraq. There are related links in Activist Materials. From Z Magazine.

Conflict: Iraq and the United States
This site provides links to background material on Iraq and to resources related to the United States-Iraq situation. Created for The Journalist's Toolbox by Tim Rozgonyi, assistant technology systems editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

A collection of articles providing "information on the crisis situation in Iraq as well as more specific articles on sanctions issues." There are also articles about Oil in Iraq and The Threat of US War Against Iraq. From Global Policy Forum, an organization designed to "monitor global policy making at the United Nations."

The War on Terrorism: Saddam Hussein and Iraq
A select list of links to Web resources on the United States-Iraq confrontation. Links are presented in the following categories: News and Commentary, Government
Documents, Political Background and Analysis, Military and Strategic Issues, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and The Impact of Sanctions. From the Joyner Library at East Carolina University.

Conflict with Iraq
This news site covers the Conflict with Iraq. Maps provide Iraqi bases, army bases, oilfields, weapon sites, and other related information. Includes profiles of key players in the conflict, including Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush. Includes relevant documents and related links. An In Depth British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) report.

Eye on Iraq
This resource is "designed to provide in-depth analysis and timely coverage of these and other topics. Ongoing contributions to Eye on Iraq will include factual briefings on the political and military forces in play as well as analytical pieces focused on military, diplomatic, and international security developments." Part of the Center for Defense Information (CDI) Terriorism Project.
Guardian Unlimited: Special Report: Iraq Annotated links to news stories about the current U.S.-Iraq crisis, plus some relevant external links. From Guardian Unlimited, the web site of the British newspaper, The Guardian.,2759,423009,00.html

Iraq Update
U.S. Department of State resource on Iraq, with official texts, key reports, and fact sheets. Saddam Hussein's Iraq is a special report (in English and Arabic) detailing specifics concerning Iraq under his rule. There is further information about the United Nations mandate to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction (chemical and biological weapons and long-range missiles) and its oil-for-food program. Related Web sites, including nongovernmental organizations, are listed.

Iraqi News Agency (INA)
Press releases and news reports from this news agency reflect Iraqi points of view on the conflict of issues between Iraq and the United States. Other features include laws and regulations concerning illegal emigrations, residential and fiscal matters, and a concise geographic study of Iraq. Also available in Arabic.

Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations, New York
Site presents official Iraqi view of its relations with the international community. Contains information about the effects of sanctions on Iraqi citizens and basic information about Iraq's political system and history.

Bush Addresses Nation On Iraq
Full text and video of the speech and detailed coverage of stories from major news media on President George W. Bush's address to the nation, October 7, 2002, on warning Iraq's Saddam Hussein to disarm. Responses to his comments are presented in the form of opinions, editorials, articles, audios/videos, and interactives and graphics. More links are provided to related Web sites on the conflict with Iraq. From Yahoo News.

No War with Iraq
This site presents an anti-war posture on the United States-Iraqi question. There are citations and links to other articles and alternative news resources that support this position. From the The Nation, October 21, 2002.

Oppose War on Iraq
A collection of anti-war articles, commentary, and links from the Iraq Peacebuilding Program of the American Friends Service Committee (a Quaker organization).

CNS: Iraq Special Collection
This resource from the Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) provides articles, charts, and other resources useful for analyzing the "Iraqi security apparatus." Includes CNS Media Contacts on Iraq.

Part of the Country Studies/Area Handbook series "describing and analyzing [Iraq's] political, economic, social, and national security systems and institutions, and examining the interrelationships of those systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors." Research completed May 1988. Searchable, can limit your search to one or more countries. From the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress.

Not in Our Name (NION)
The site for an organization of "people of conscience who cannot stand silent as our government wages war without limits of time and space." Founded in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks by people concerned by curtailments of civil liberties and U.S. military actions, the current focus of Not In Our Name is the possibility of conflict with Iraq. Includes an events calendar, history of recent protests, a Statement of Conscience, a Pledge of Resistance, protest music, and other resources.

News You Can Use


National History Day (NHD) has partnered with LexisNexis to provide 30 free days of access in November to primary source documents for research projects and classroom use for students and educators. Authoritative American history resources will be available to students in three subject modules: U.S. Presidential History, African American History, and American Women’s History. The recent National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) on U.S. History found that students that were exposed to primary sources in the classroom had a greater understanding of U.S. History. This partnership will hopefully engage students in learning more about effective research strategies and sources.

New! Instructional Module - Project-Based Learning

The George Lucas Education Foundation (GLEF) presents "Project-Based Learning," the second in an ongoing series of free teaching modules developed by education faculty and professional developers. The modules can be used as extension units in your existing courses, or can be used independently in workshops and meetings. Each module includes articles, video footage, PowerPoint® presentations, and class activities. They draw from the wealth of GLEF's archives of best practices and correlate with ISTE/NCATE NETS standards.

This module is designed for a two- to three-hour class or session, divided into two parts. Part One, Guided Process, is designed to give participants a brief introduction to project-based learning. Part Two, Group Participation, assigns readings and activities for experiential,
project-based learning.

Free Cyber Security Kit For Schools

The "NetDay Cyber Security Kit for Schools" features tools and resources to raise awareness about online safety and computer security. NetDay encourages education leaders to distribute these resources in schools across the country, to ensure that schools and homes -- the places where children are most likely to access computers -- are "cyber secure." Resources -- some in both English and Spanish --for K-12 educators, school district administrators, parents, and families can be downloaded at

Childnet Award Competition

Childnet International, an international nonprofit organization devoted to promoting the Internet as a safe place for children, and Cable & Wireless, have announced their 2003 awards competition, designed to promote creative Web sites that are used by children around the world. The Awards aim to reward innovation and participation across borders by highlighting and rewarding children, and those working with them, who are developing outstanding, innovative Internet projects that directly benefit other children worldwide. Awards are available in four categories: individuals, schools, not-for-profits, and "new to the Net." Deadline for applications is December 6, 2002. More details are available at