Alabama Research and Education Network

The Alabama Research and Education Network (AREN) provides Internet access and other network services to all public K-12 schools, public four-year colleges and universities, Alabama's community colleges, public libraries, and some state agencies.  Legislative appropriations from the Alabama Education Trust Fund and federal E-Rate Program funding provide a base level of service (currently up to 400M of Internet access for public schools, for example) at no cost to all public K12 schools, state community colleges and public colleges and universities. These clients can obtain services outside of the base level of service as a fee for service.  All other clients pay for all of their AREN services as a fee for service via a standardized rate structure.

Through our membership with Southern Crossroads (SoX), ASA provides its clients access to exclusive education and research networks (Internet2, National Lambda Rail, etc.).  These specialized networks provide high bandwidth, low latency connections between those participating interconnected research and education entities.  For colleges and universities vying for grant funds, this can sometimes open doors to grant opportunities not afforded to those without this improved networking. 

About AREN