SGI Altix


The SGI Altix Cluster now has 162 CPU cores, 1340 GB of shared memory, and 19 terabytes in the Panasas file system.

Each CPU is a 64 bit Intel Itanium 2 processor. The system consists of a SGI Altix 350 front end node with 1.4 GHz processors and Altix 450 nodes with dual core 1.6 GHz and 9.67 GHz processors. This gives the entire system a floating point performance of 1035 GigaFLOPS.

Sets of from 6 to 72 CPUs are grouped together into shared memory nodes. There are multiple networks connecting the processors. These include: NUMAlink for sharing memory, Infiniband for file system access, gigabit ethernet for internet connectivity, and a secondary ethernet connection as a redundant fail over and management network.

Altix 350 Datasheet    Altix 450 Datasheet   Silicon Graphics, Inc