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"Access to the Altix at ASA has made a huge difference to my research program. It allows my numerical simulations of hurricanes to be run on fine resolutions using cutting edge atmospheric physics representations. I would like to thank all the staff at ASA and specifically David Young for installing and trouble shooting the model (MM5) for me."

Dr. Sytske Kimball, Department of Earth Sciences
University of South Alabama


"The queue structure and the availability of a wider range of application software on the SGI Altix are real improvements over the old SV1 and Ncube machines. ... Kudos to the ASA staff for such resourcefulness in the face of lean budgets."

Dr. Joe Harrison, Department of Physics
University of Alabama at Birmingham


"The Cray XD1 at the Alabama Supercomputer Center is essential in my and my students' research, ranging from electronic structure calculations, such as the exploration of potential energy surfaces of the keto-enol tautomerism of purine molecules, to conformational studies of biomacromolecules, such as molecular dynamics simulations of membrane proteins embedded in a hydrated lipid bilayer over a multi-nanosecond time frame. Running the MD simulations in parallel on XD1's Opteron processors makes such computation-intensive jobs possible."

Dr. Jong Hwa Kim, Chemistry Department
Alabama A & M University


"The staff of ASA are at the leading edge of technological developments and can supervise our growing connected network to ensure that we stay on track."

Computational skills, acquired through the use of the supercomputer, have made our graduates extremely competitive in the job market."

Drs. Mike McKee and Phil Shevlin
Chemistry Department
Auburn University


"'The recent hardware upgrades are akin to upgrading to a Ferrari from a Yugo. The speed at which I can get jobs to run, the capacity to run large jobs easily, and ample storage space makes this a very powerful tool for research. I am amazed and gratified the State has such a powerful resource at the disposal of researchers."

Anonymous user


"The Supercomputer Center staff members and the support contractor employees are always willing to help when network problems arise. They are courteous in their communications, professional in their approach to solving problems, and technically proficient. … The services provided by the Supercomputer Authority are of great value to our University and to northeast Alabama."

Randy Harper, Director, Data Systems Management Division
Jacksonville State University