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Alabama's colleges and universities are connected to the Alabama Research and Education Network (AREN). AREN provides Internet access for Alabama state government, four-year universities, two-year colleges, K-12 schools and libraries. Legislative appropriations from the Alabama Education Trust Fund provide this access at no cost to a limited number of public schools and colleges.

Currently, some new customers from AETF schools and agencies must cover a portion of their costs. Customers from private schools, 'general fund' state agencies and commercial customers continue to pay fully for services at standard rates.

While AREN was once the domain of the state's research universities, the state's community colleges and K-12 systems represent the greatest demand for new growth. To meet their needs, the Alabama Supercomputer Authority has developed a technical plan that will expand Internet access to all high schools and junior colleges in Alabama, pending appropriate funding. The AREN Client Advisory Group recently has been expanded to include representatives from both K-12 systems and two-year colleges.

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